Kalsi Sanitary Fittings

Kalsi Sanitary Fittings

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Kalsi Sanitary Fittings

Kalsi Sanitary Fittings  
Posted Date: May 10, 2006
Specifications: Kalsi bathroom Fittings are available in elegant in different ranges. We have C.P. Bibcock ( Short and Long nose ), Stop cork ( Male and female ends), concealed stop corks with flange, Brass C.P. Central hole, Central Basin mixer, Brass C.P. Wall-mixer(non-telephonic)with flange Brass C.P. Wall mixer with Telephonic shower and with swinging spout and Brass C.P. Wall. These bath-room fittings ensure trouble free service and give controlled flow of water time after time. Our products are chromium coated and look as good as new even for years. Spindle assemblies are made of high strenght extruded brass for greater durability. Every bath room fitting is subjected to withstand 20 kg/cm2 (300 pounds per square inch ) of hydraulic pressure to check any leakage before chromium coating is applied.


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Mr. Mr. Gagan Kalsi
Company: Kalsi Metal Works
Address: Kapurthala Road, Jalandhar, Punjab, India , , ,
Zip/Postal: 141021
Telephone: 91-181-2651701--
Fax: 91-181-2651705--

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